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We welcome enquiries about enrolling children at Ngaere School.
Should you require any information regarding enrolling your child or you would like to visit please phone the office 06 7648643 to make an appointment.

Enrolling your child
At Ngaere School we aim to do our best to ensure a smooth start for all our new students.
The following documentation is required by the school prior to any child starting:

  • immunisation certificate
  • birth certificate or passport
  • proof of address (for in zone enrollments)
  • completed enrollment form (available from the office)

Information for new entrant families
To help with the smooth transition to school, for new entrant children, please visit the school at least 1 month before your child’s 5th birthday to complete the enrolment details.
The new entrant teacher will arrange pre school visits for you and your child at a mutually agreed time. Both you and your child will be able to:

  • see the room where your child will be starting school
  • meet the teacher
  • meet the other students in the class
  • find out where the toilets are
  • be introduced to some of the routines of the classroom programme
  • become familiar with the school day

School visits are usually for a morning. Your child may come in school uniform or mufti. Parents are welcome to stay for the pre school visits but if your child is settled then you are equally welcome to leave them for the duration of the visit.

Home Zone
All students who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to enrol at our school.

  • From Ngaere School travel
    • south down Mountain Rd (SH3) to Cornwall Rd. including residences up to and including rapid No 4568.
    • the length of Cornwall Rd.
    • North on Mountain Rd (SH3) to Bird Rd / Brookes Rd intersection. Including all residences north including rapid no 3946.
    • Climie Rd to intersection of Brookes Rd. including rapid no 318.
    • Sole Rd 
    • all Finnerty Rd to the Hastings Rd intersection.
    • North end of Stuart Rd to the intersection of Cornwall Rd, including rapid no 226.
    • all of Cheal Rd, Skinner Rd between Cheal and East Rd.
    • Bird Rd, Waihapa Rd, Wingrove Rd, Pukengahu Rd
    • south end of Oru Rd (up to district boundary)

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.

Towards the end of Term 3 the Board of Trustees will determine the number of places available, for the following year, for the enrolment of students who live outside our home zone. The board will publish this information in the Stratford Press.  The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which applications must be received.

Applications for out of zone enrolments will be processed in the following order of priority (as determined by Ministry of Education guidelines):

  1. This priority is not applicable as this school does not run a special programme
  2. Siblings of current students
  3. Siblings of former students
  4. Child of a former student
  5. Child of board employees or of a board member
  6. All other applicants

If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth or fifth priority group than there are places available, then a ballot will be conducted in accordance with instructions issued by the Secretary of Education under Section 11G(1) of the Education act 1989.

Please contact the office with any queries.
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