Announcement : 


Seesaw is at the heart of the learning process for millions of students. This platform encourages creativity and feedback that makes students excited to learn. Now more than ever, remote learning solutions are essential. Seesaw enables meaningful learning from anywhere, for every student.

Seesaw gives our learners a creative tool to capture and reflect on their learning – in real time. This learning is then able to be shared with parents.

Seesaw gives parents a window into each of our classrooms and into their child’s learning process. Our learners are excited to use this new tool in partnership with the great things our teachers do in their classrooms.

Seesaw is becoming our  “Digital Portfolio”; each term you will see evidence of your child’s work and progress in each curriculum area. Each child’s portfolio stays with them for the duration of their time at school so you will be able to look back and see progress made.

Weekly updates, whole class notices and quick messages  can be sent via announcements. This keeps notes etc away from the children’s learning journals and easy to access under the inbox. 

Seesaw at Ngaere School will be used for:

  • Sharing the teacher’s weekly communication note
  • Teaching the children to be able to effectively create their own posts (posts will vary with the junior school to senior school) using a variety of tools 
  • Teaching the children to share the learning goal of the posted task
  • Teaching and provide opportunities for the children to effectively self and peer assess their posts on seesaw based on their steps to success
  • Promote true evidence of learning ( not the polished, completed tasks )